Youth Mass Volunteers

PNG_1154It was suggested in light of the Synod recommendations and brain storming on how to engage some parents with children in Sunday School- we have “class masses” or actually “grade masses” where children can do the readings, prayers of the faithful, participate in offertory procession.

2016-2017 Youth Masses (All are 10:30 AM Masses at St. Peter)

September 25 – 5th Grade
October 9 – 4th Grade
November 6 – 3rd Grade
January 15 – 2nd Grade
February 12 – 1st Grade
March 5 – PreK & Kindergarten

  • Each grade would be responsible (age appropriate) for a Mass with catechist assigning children various parts.
  • Since the children need and escorted from Sunday School class by their parents, anyhow; they simply go to the gym for Mass.
  • Children would be required to sit with their parents.
  • Hoping for as much parent participation as possible but realize that some families may decide to go mass at their regular be picked up.

Youth Ushers, Greeters and Lectors

Call Ann Hayden for details on the youth’s schedules at 262.644.5072

Guidelines for Youth Mass

Thank you for being an important part of each Holy Mass!! We need you! Please remember the following rules:

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled Mass (which is 4:30 PM before the 5:00 PM Mass).
  • Please remember the dress code: dress slacks or pants. Shirts or blouse collars no lower than 2 finger tips below the collar bone and should have a short sleeve; expose no stomach or back area; and reach to and cover slack or pants; Skirts or dresses to the knee, and dress shoes; No shorts or spaghetti straps.

Reminder to Ushers and Greeters

  • Do not group together and visit. Position yourselves up the aisles around the sides and center of the church near open sitting areas. Use a SMILE and your raised hand to indicate open sitting for individuals and families. Say “Hello” or “Welcome to St. Peter Church” when you are standing at the doors.
  • After Mass is over, straighten hymnals in pews, put kneelers up, and return extra bulletins to the Ushers Room.