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Frank A. Vlasak

John T. Roever

Raymond "Pat" T. Havey

Charles F. Meyer

Laura M. Piefer

Rosemary F. Brown

Emma R. Hill

Thomas M. Frase

Faye C. Peterson

Janet L. Gilboy

Clemens D. Palash

Daniel G. Schlitt

Robert A. Haessler

Donald F. Karius

Paul J. Sikorski

Janice I. Henke

Shirley M. Senger

Holly J. Le Fever

Jerome D. Geldnich

Walburga E. Peil

Andrew G. Chitwood

Carolyn A. Emmer

Phyllis A. Puls

Lorraine Merten

Earl Heder

Anna Lou Becker

Bonita "Bonnie" Kuepper

Gerald L. Dufour

Kathy Laudolff


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About Funerals at St. Peter

When a parishioner dies, contact the funeral home of your choice. Usually the funeral director will contact the pastor in order to arrange for the Mass or Service of Christian burial as well as share needed information; a time for funeral services (visitation/vigil, Mass/Service, and burial) will be set. The pastor will meet with the family to prepare the services with them (reflection on the life of the deceased, selection of readings and hymns, and arranging family participation).

St. Peter Parish has associated with it two (2) parish owned/operated cemeteries for reverent committal of the bodily remains of our loved ones that our faith envisions. Old St. Peter Cemetery is located at 200 E. Washington Street (immediately behind our school facility – entrance driveway alongside Clare Hall) and has burials dating from 1861. A limited number of graves sites are available. New St. Peter Cemetery is located at 4170 Highway 175 (approximately 1 mile north of the church, slightly outside present village boundaries). With slightly over an acre developed at present, when all 4.15 acres are developed the cemetery will be able to accommodate future needs well.

The first burial in this cemetery was in 1985. There are two sections with gravesites designated for inhumation arrangements; there is also an in-ground section especially designated for infant burials and the committal of cremated remains; there is anCemetery above columbarium available for cremation.

Parish members may purchase sites pre-need or at-need; cost information available from either the pastor or the sexton. All charges include permanent care. Non-parishioners may purchase sites; an additional non-parishioner surcharge applies. Gravesites must be paid for in full before they may be used (unless otherwise arranged with the pastor). A booklet detailing cemetery costs, standards, regulations and privileges is available at request from the sexton or parish offices.


Fr. Rick Stoffel, Pastor ....... 262.644.8083 ext. 11 or

Clayton Carroll, Sexton......... 262.644.8083 ext. 15 or


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