Long Range Planning Committee

Members: Father Rick Stoffel, Sherry Schaefer, Ken Leeson, Rick Gundrum, and Rick Vandermause

This committee was formed three years ago to study the needs of the parish in the immediate and long term future. The committee chose Architect Plunkett Raysich and Project Manager, Catalyst Construction.

The committee will seek the necessary approvals from the Archdiocese and state and local authorities. They have also formed the Capital Campaign Committee and the Building Commission.


Capital Campaign Committee

Members: Jeana Desmond, Father Rick Stoffel, Andy Strupp, Ken and Jackie Schuh, Cheryl Wachtel, Dave Wolbrink and Dennis Wolf

The goal of this committee is to assist in raising the funds necessary to determine the scope of an affordable building project.

This committee began its work in November 2014 and culminated three year commitments and/or donations totaling over $1.7M toward the building campaign. The committee will continue to meet on an as-needed-basis and update the parish on the status of the campaign.


Building Commission

Members: Mike Stroik, Bill Doll, Rick Vandermause, Phil Schmitt, Jim Crovetti, Murph Hiller, Reggie Thomas

The Building Commission has been established to oversee the process of the building project. The commission will perform two functions. First, they will work with the architect, project manager, and engineers to design the detailed, final drawings. Secondly, they will oversee the church renovations on a daily basis and report to the Long Term Planning Committee to ensure timely completion of the project within the established budget.

The church renovations have always been seen as a parish project and therefore, not just the ideas of a few have been considered but instead a collaborative effort has been made to develop founding principals. The Building Commission seeks continual input from parishioners as to needs and/or wants for the church renovations. The Building Commission will make their decisions taking into account the parish as a whole.