Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council plans and oversees the parish mission, sets direction for the parish, and develops policies to promote these through consultation. We meet on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:15 PM in St. Clare Hall. Please direct any questions or concerns to the Parish Council Chair.

Elected at Large Members:

Ken Schuh (2009, 2012, 2015), Chair

Martha Sheridan (2010, 2013) , Vice Chair

Michael Desmond (2013, 2015)

Robert Sprinkman (2014)

Mike Duley (2014)

Mark Kusek (2014)

Cheryl Piefer-Wachtel (2014)

Ex Officio Members:

Fr. Rick Stoffel, Pastor

David Grant, Trustee Treasurer

Sherry Schaefer, Trustee Secretary

Staff Representatives: Cheryl Jaeger, Paul Rogers and Eileen Belongea