Youth Ministry (Grades 6-11)

Welcome to the St. Peter Youth Ministry Program!

We have a dynamic youth ministry program that not only teaches our youth the fundamentals of our faith, but also teaches them how to apply it to everyday life. Please click the links below to learn about the program appropriate for your child:

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High School Program (Grades 9-11)

Middle School Program (Grades 6-8)

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Our Mission

Jesus gave us, the Church, a clear mission.  After his resurrection and before he ascended into heaven, he gathered the eleven remaining apostles and said, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.”  Mt. 28:19

The Church's mission is our mission in youth ministry, to make disciples of our middle and high school teens.  A disciple is a person who studies under a great teacher.  A disciple of Christ is a committed follower of the person, teachings, values, and lifestyle of Jesus.  Going beyond book knowledge, Jesus disciples learn through action in the context of everyday living, to become like the Master.  In youth ministry our teens will learn to be like the Master in the same way, through a focus on worship, fellowship, discipleship formation, service and evangelization; In other words “FIAT” – Faith in Action Testimonials.

PARISH BREAKFASTYouth Ministry Fundraisers

Our Youth Ministry program is dynamic and organic – many new and exciting things can arise at any time.  To make as many opportunities available to our youth as possible, it is necessary to raise funds to offset costs.  Below is a list of fundraisers that have occurred in the past. 

  • Parish Breakfasts
  • Youth Rock Coffee House
  • Seroogy's Chocolate Sales
  • Culver's Night
  • Boston Store Goodwill Sale
  • Take Stock in Youth

As many of these fundraisers require volunteers, we prayerfully as that you give as much support to them as possible.  Your time commitment is always valuable!  We thank you for being a visible part of our fundraising efforts. Students can also use many of these fundraisers as a way to complete FIAT requirements. See the FIAT Page for opportunities.

Contact Information

For additional information or any questions, please contact:

belongea_eileenEileen Belongea, Director of Youth Ministry

Phone: 262.644.8083 ext. 17





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  • Day Two of Mission Camp August 3, 2017
    After Mass and a nourishing breakfast, we walked across the street to Autumn Oaks Community. We spent time visiting with the residents and doing chores around the grounds. We enjoyed playing cards and listening to their stories; we always feel welcome there, and they are so grateful for the work we do beautifying their gardens […]
  • Waiting out the Rain August 3, 2017
    Today at Mission Camp, we are working with Slinger Park to mulch the trails in Upper Fireman’s Park. Mother Nature has other ideas. Waiting out the storms.
  • Mission Camp, Day One August 2, 2017
    This year’s Mission Camp boasts twenty Middle School Campers from St Peter and Resurrection Parishes. We started camp with a little team building exercises, a lesson about Mission Discipleship from Tom Gauger and a nice talk from our Missionary Priest, Fr. Augustine, about his missionary experiences in the Himilaian Mountains. Being properly prepared and encouraged, […]